Step One:  Arrival and Unload
On arrival at Metal Craft, either our 5,000 lb or 10,000 lb capacity forklift will unload your product.   
Step Two:  Surface Preparation
At Metal Craft, we will assess the best way for the surface to be prepared, either by using our pre-treatment wash process or our sandblasting capabilities.  For more details on these processes please see our Surface Preparation page.  Once the product is racked it is moved into our five stage pre-treatment wash booth. 
Step Three: Oven Dry off/Preheat
Whether the parts are sandblasted or put through our pre-treatment wash process they are then moved into our oven to remove any moisture and to promote out gassing.
Step Four:  Powder Application
Metal Craft offers a powder booth that has the latest version of application equipment. After the parts are in the booth, they are sprayed with an electrostatically charged powder that adheres to the grounded parts.  All of the powders that Metal Craft offers have specific applications.
Step Five: Oven Curing
After the parts have been powdered, they are then placed into the batch oven.  At this time, the curing cycle fuses the powder to the surface, creating a high quality finish.
Step Six:  Quality Control
Quality Control plays a major role in Metal Craft finishing process.  Metal Craft has its own in house quality control program that consists of the following tests:
1- Cross Hatch Adhesion Test (ASTM D3359)
2- Hardness Test (ASTM D3363)
3- Bend Test (ASTM D522)
4- Solvent Cure Test (PCI #8)
5- Dry Film Thickness
6- Visual Inspection
Step Seven: Packaging and Shipment
Metal Craft is proud to have a team that appreciates its finished product and we want to deliver that same feeling to you.  We will do whatever it takes to guarantee the safe shipment of your product to its final destination.  We are able to receive and ship out of our two loading docks, as well as our internal loading area that accommodates tractor trailers
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