We appreciate the time you have taken to check out our company and we hope you find our website helpful and informative.  We look forward to serving your powder coating needs.
Powder Coating
Sand Blasting
Phosphate Washing
Refurbish or Replace
Railings, Stairs & Fencing
Custom Design & Fabrication
Removal & Installation
Powder is cost effective and is superior to most liquid coatings for:
Chip resistance
Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance
Abrasion resistance
Impact resistance
Ultraviolet resistance
     Welcome to Voyager Powder Coating, located in Ogden, Utah.  We have been serving our community since 1997; providing quality powder coating services at a cost that makes us stand apart from the competition.  We know we do great work as we have built many long-term relationships with our clients over the past thirteen years.  The trust you place in us to do the job well is sacrosanct and we will go to any and every length to ensure quality work on a timely schedule.

     We will powder coat just about anything you can think of, and we have; from classic cars being restored to staircases, railings, boat trailers, dumpsters and everything in-between.  We love the work that we do and we are happy to do it.  Part of what makes this company so special is the determination to provide quality work, no matter the project.  Whether you are an individual who needs your motorcycle frame powder coated or a major company who needs a fleet of trailers powder coated; we've got you covered.

     It takes a team of well-trained individuals to bring each project to completion, from washing to sandblasting to the powder coating itself; our team is highly skilled at getting the job done right, the first time.  Here at Voyager Powdercoating we aren't just powder coating to make a buck, we are powder coating to ensure a long life for your possessions as well as to ensure a long life for this planet.  It is often over-looked but powder coating is another great way we can all do our own small part to be more environmentally conscience.  You can read more about that here.
2811 G. Ave Ogden Utah 84401  801-627-3531
2811 G. Ave Ogden Utah 84401